Lancaster Gate, Cork



Hennessy Timber Group took on the responsibility of all exterior timber decking fitted for the Lancaster Gate apartments, Western Road Cork. The innovative and superior design of the Lancaster Gate apartment block made Hennessy Timber Group the perfect partner for this development. Hennessy Timber Group decided to use Hardwood Balau Decking for the exterior of these apartments. Hardwood Balau Decking is a hard, tight grained wood which is ideal for exterior surfaces due to its high durability, natural resistance to decay and long life span. Balau Decking is hard, heavy and strong making it suitable for outdoor decking. Hennessy Timber Group fitted 1,400 square metres of this decking in the size of 145 x 44mm. This was fitted consistently to all roof gardens and balconies. The Balau Decking which was used is a stunning hardwood with a distinct fine texture, which compliment the stunning and high class design of the Lancaster Gate apartments.  Hennessy Timber Decking are experts in both the design and fitting of timber which satisfy the needs and design goals of any development.










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