Pirate Ship Playground, Clonakilty

Hennessy Timber Group were contracted to do a o complete renovation for the children’s playground at the Quality Hotel, Clonakilty. Hennessy Timber Group incorporated creative thinking and innovative design for this project with the construction of a large Pirate Boat. The Pirate Boat is 48 ft. long x 13 ft. wide and is made entirely from imported Latvian Redwood timber.The Pirate Boat enables children to play and explore both inside and outside and consists of various fun aspects including swings, slides, climbing nets and tunnels. The Pirate Boat is a unique playground design, enabling hours of fun and enjoyment in an imaginative setting.

The entire boat structure was manufactured offsite and craned into position onsite at the Quality Hotel. With the entire construction process taking place in Hennessy Timber Group’s own factory, this not only enabled efficiency, but also enabled the project to be completed at an ease to the recipient.

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