Castlemartyr Hotel and Resort

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The Castlemartyr Resort, located in East Cork, is a luxury 5 star hotel and golf resort. The resort is nested on a magnificent landscape consisting of 220 acres including meandering streams, parklands and a lake abundant with wildlife and beautiful gardens.

In 2008 the Castlemartyr Resort was further developed to improve the look and appeal of the resort’s mature landscape with the fitting of timber decking. Hennessy Timber Group’s strong reputation for innovative and superior design and high quality finish enabled them to be awarded with the timber fitting for the Castlemartyr Resort. For this development, Hennessy Timber Group fitted 2,100 square metres of Softwood Decking outside the Holiday Cottages on the resort. Softwood Decking is proven to provide dependable protection in all weather conditions which enhances the life span of any exterior structure.

Hennessy Timber Group also supplied and fitted Balau Hardwood Decking for the entrance  bridges outside the hotel. The entrance bridges are the initial aspects guests see upon entering the Castlemartyr Hotel and Resort. Hennessy Timber Group thus had the responsibility of ensuring that the design and fit of these bridges complied with the essence of this exclusive 5 star resort.

Balau Decking was used for the project as it is a stunning hardwood with a fine even texture and is known for its strength and durability. The use of both Softwood Decking and Balau Decking enabled Hennessy Timber Group to create a contemporary and sophisticated design which adhered to the elegance of the gorgeous Castlemartyr Resort.

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